Certain Ways to Make Money by Blogging Using WordPress

Certain Ways to Make Money by Blogging Using WordPress

WordPress is arguably the best content management system out there. To put it simply, the said system has allowed many people to create their own websites quickly and easily. In fact, a lot of bloggers choose WordPress for its ease of use and extensive functionality through the inclusion of plugins.

Now, some blogs that you can find all over the internet are created using WordPress and if you are thinking about making money blogging, do read further to find out certain ways you can do that.

Before I Begin

I just want to point this out so that you can set your expectations right. This is by no means a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The things that I will talk about in this article would require a lot of legwork but when done correctly, you can definitely get rich in due time.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may have existed more than 15 years ago but to this day, it is still one of the best ways for bloggers to make money online.

The basic premise of affiliate marketing is to write high-quality content and adding some affiliate links to it that are provided by your partner merchants.

Every time one of your audience clicks on the link, they will then be directed to a product page that, when they purchase it, you will be given a percentage cut off of every sale.

You can get partner merchants by either going to individual vendors or enlisting yourself in an affiliate network like Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junkie, ShareASale, and many others.

Now, a common misconception about affiliate marketing is that you can get rich quickly using this method, that is actually not the case. While it is true that the potential earnings that can be had using this medium are great, again, it will take time for you to achieve that level of success.

Display Relevant Ads

By displaying some ads on your blog, you can gain money whenever someone clicks on it. This is done by going to Google Adsense and adding a script to allow ads to be displayed on your log.

Now, this method uses CPC or what is known as the cost per click method. You are paid every time someone clicks on the ad and the amount you are given is based on what was set by the advertiser or the owner of the ad.

This might not seem much, especially since people use adblockers nowadays, but it is still a legitimate way of earning money using your blog.

Write Sponsored Blog Posts

Writing sponsored blog posts is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you are promoting a brand or a service but instead of using specialized links, you are actually writing content that kind of promotes a certain brand. Let me explain.

When your blog gains popularity in your niche, you will be enticing in the eyes of advertisers and different brands would want to contact you to help promote their companies.

This is where you will create blog posts that will highlight these brands. The reason why it is called a ‘sponsored’ post is that you essentially get paid for writing a blog post about them.

If you live in the USA, be sure to get familiar with the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines so that you won’t get into trouble.