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Yoobao Power Bank YB-632 羽博长征II移动电源 Functions and battery capacity are beyond imagination.

Yoobao Power Bank YB-632

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Yoobao Long March Power Bank YB-632

Promotion Period!! FREE 3-Pin Adaptor worth of RM40 (Support Worldwide input 100-240V) *While stocks last*

6 Months (one to one exchange warranty) Terms & Conditions Apply

Long March II High Capacity Power Bank (羽博长征II移动电源)


Item: Power Bank YB-632 (羽博长征II移动电源)

For: Fix for various mobile phones and devices

Capacity: 8400mAh

Weight: 200g

Input: DC 5V-1000mAh

Output: 1. DC 5.3V-1000mA (MAX)

               2. DC 5.3V-1000mA (MAX)

Dimension: 105mm x 62.5mm x 23mm

Power Status: Blue LED

Material: Non-flammable ABS housing, Non-flammable PCB



- Charge up to 2 device the same time

- Torch light function

- Portable, rechargeable, and universal power pack

- Improve talk time and game playing time

- Five LED indicators show battery's real time capacity

- Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart

- Flexible recharging of power pack via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable

- Automatic recover function for your battery capacity of mobile phone or other device

- Meet all related safety standard

About Yoobao YB-632

Nowadays it is pretty normal for us to have a few mobile devices powered by rechargeable battery, including hand phone, GPS navigator, tablet, digital camera, PSP, MP3 player, etc.

Some of those high end mobile devices are fast in consuming battery, it require us to recharge the battery very frequently. For example, we almost have to recharge our Smartphone (Android, iPhone, ...) and tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, ...) on daily basis.

During the recharging period, the mobile devices are no longer mobile. They might be still usable while plugged in a wall socket for battery recharge, or they are temporary unusable because the battery is taken out to be charged by external charger. A common way to overcome this is to prepare additional batteries, so that the mobile device can still be used by replacing the flatted battery with the spare one.

However, different mobile device uses battery of different size and capacity. Their battery is charged with different charger too.

Imagine that we are going for outdoor activity in a place with no electricity supply, such as camping or mountain climbing, for at least a few days. How to solve the battery power need of our Smartphone, GPS navigator, tablet, and even torch light?

The YB-632 Yoobao Long March Power Bank comes with 8400 mAh capacity, the perfect solution for the above cases.

A power bank is an external battery with high storage capacity, which is able to provide power to the mobile device through its charging mechanism. Yoobao produces a few models of power bank, and YB-632 has the second highest power storage capacity of up to 8400 mAh, which is very long lasting.

The size and look of YB-632 is similar to a bulky hand phone, and its weight is just 200g, very light to carry.

Suitable for iPad, Galaxy Tab, all Andriod Tablet, iPhone, Camera, PSP, GPS and etc.

*Some changeable connectors for other devices are not included.

Please refer [To Charge Other Devices] at below.

**(For others devices that use others connectors: Kindly use back your original USB cable for charging.)

Inside the package, there are:

The YB-632 power bank itself

A micro-USB cable to charge the power bank

A power adapter that convert AC 100-240V power to DC 5V-1000mA

A DC3.5 switch cable that connect YB-632 to one of its connectorsConnectors for mini-USB, micro-USB, Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Nokia and PSP

User manual

YB-632 has 2 USB output interfaces. Both USB output interfaces are able to output DC 5.3V-1000mA max, suitable for most mobile devices that accept 1000mA charging.

YB-632 is very easy to use, just put it to the device and charging will automatically begin. Disconnect its cable and it will automatically turn off itself.

YB-632 is able to charge up to 2 mobile devices at the same time, by using both of its USB outputs.

YB-632 is also able to provide current to Samsung Galaxy Tab, which accepts 2500mA charging. Just plug the Samsung Galaxy Tab to 1A output of YB-632 using the USB cable that comes with the tablet. Although it cannot effectively recharge the battery of Samsung Galaxy Tab which requires 2500mA current for recharge, plugging

YB-632 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab enable you to use the tablet for a much longer time.

YB-632 also has a LED light in front, which you can use it as a torch light. Push its button for more than 2 seconds to toggle the torch function. The LED torch can last for 400 hours (over 16 days) in a fully charged power bank when its USB outputs remain unused during the period. This is very handy and useful for outdoor activities.

• Suitable for hand phone, tablet,

digital camera and etc                                                               

• Dual USB output (1A & 1A)

• LED torch function

• High capacity 8400mAh                                                         


• User friendly and quality gloss paint surface • LED capacity level indicators                            

User Manual

Yoobao YB-632

Fits for charging digital communications products with DC-5V input

Parent No.201130160588.4


1. LED torch: Keep pushing on the button 2 seconds will turn LED torch on; and keep pushing button 2 seconds again, the LED torch will be turned off. Full power the Power Bank, the LED torch can last 400 hours.

2. Capacity display: There are five power indicators, push on the button, power and capacity indicator lights will lighted.

Capacity Light 1 ON 2 ON 3 ON 4 ON 5 ON
Capacity <20% 20% - 40% 40% - 60% 60% - 80% 80% - 100%

3. Input/ Output: Input interface is Micro connector, output interface is USB connector. There are 6 kinds of changeable connectors provide the most convenient to you and your friends around.


Output Interface Fits
USB OUT 1 Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and mobile phones need a DC5V-1A input device.
USB OUT 2 iPhone, iPad and another Tablet PC or need a DC5V-(1A-2A) input device.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


To charge other devices

YOOBAO YB-632 fits for charging digital communications products with DC-5V. Packing with 6 kinds of changeable connectors, it's compatible with most mobiles and digital equipments.

**(For others devices that use others connectors: Kindly use back your original USB cable for charging.)

Example: How to charge iPhone 4


Charging the YB-632

1. Use Micro cable to charge the YB-632

2. Suggest charging from adapter's USB <fig 1>

3. Charging from computer's USB <fig 2>


Charging status

Charging devices

• Red Power indicator light, it's charging device.

• Blue Power indicator light, it's fully charge device.

• Capacity light on, it shows how much the capacity left in Power Bank YB-642.


Charge YB-632

• Red Power indicator light, it's charging YB-632.

• Flashing capacity indicator light displays the current capacity in YB-632.

• Blue Power indicator light, YB-632 is fully charged.



1. Once you find YB-632 doesn't work during the charging, please confirm whether the cable is firmly connected, or you are using a corrective changeable connector. We suggest you select YOOBAO or other quality brand adaptor to charge it.

2. Every power bank has it's conversion efficiency loss. Power Bank's capacity is not as large as chargeable capacity.


Safety Information

Warning: Do not following the safety operation may cause fire, electric shock, damage or hurt.

YOOBAO YB-632 is made from high quality Li-ion battery cells. Please rest assured of this.

Once you find YB-632 doesn't work during the charging, please confirm whether the cable is firmly connected, or you are using a corrective changeable connector. We suggest you select YOOBAO or other quality brand adaptor to charge it.


No crash, do not open or puncture the YB-632, install them backwards, short circuit, or expose them to fire, high temperatures, or water. We suggest charge with YOOBAO or the formal name brand adapter. If you find there is bulge or other faulty phenomena on YB-632 or charged device, please stop using it, and handle the battery with related operation instruction.


Note: By purchasing Orginal Yoobao Power Bank, you can visit www.yoobao.com or www.sz12365.net to check your serial number on the laser security sticker. Picture below shows that our products is Orignal manufacture by Yoobao and it is safe to use.

Difference between Original and Pirated:

Attention: Buyer can differentiate counterfeits and original products by checking its security sticker and also the new power adaptor has curve shape and it support world wide voltage (AC100 - 240V) input.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

The new security sticker can be peel off and you can call Yoobao to check the identification code for genuine products.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

Pirated Yoobao has smaller power display and its logo is more rough and deeper carved.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

The original new adaptor has round curve.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

Yoobao original unit when you press the power button, the power button will have blue background light and also the LED battery level also will light on.

ABOVE: The right is Pirated unit while the left is Original unit

The original unit is printed using laser labeling technology and it can be clearly read. The pirated is roughly print.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

The Original Yoobao casing fit's better.

ABOVE: The left is Pirated unit while the right is Original unit

The Original Yoobao has nicer shape and deeper curve.

The above is Pirated User Manual while the below is Original User Manual

The Original Yoobao user manual is nicely printed while the pirated unit user manual printing not clear and some printing part will be missing.

Please support original Yoobao Power bank. Pirated maybe cheaper & easy to attain. You do not want to see something like this that happened just as above picture showed. Pirated products can burned easily.

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目前的手机市场,智能手机凭借更多的功能越来越受用户青睐,其拥有非智能手机不可比拟的扩展性,因此成为了未来手机发展的趋势。但智能手机也有着比较让人头疼的问题,就是续航时间过短,而正是在这样的情况下,外接电源就 顺理成章的成为了市场上主要的手机配件之一。

其实移动电源并不新鲜,已是早就诞生的产品了,相信很多朋友也都在用。不过说到选择一款什么样的产品大多数朋友还都是没什么头绪,只是看到感觉不错的便拿 下。其实移动电源市场还是有很多厂家在竞争,有知名大厂也有山寨。稍不留神就有可能被商家忽悠了。但是作为大众消费者,可能并不太了解移动电源的各种品牌,更关心的问题是这款电源质量如何,可以为那些设备充电,能充满几部手机这些比较实际的问题。在这一点上,Yoobao羽博作为一个资深的国内数码生产商,在电池盒电源方面颇有造诣,在用户之中也有较高的口碑。而旗下的移动电源也一直在推陈出新,我们今天就拿到了其最新款移动电源羽博YB-632,一起看看它有怎样的特点。









羽博YB-632移动电源配备了双USB输出接口,可同时给2个手机或数码设备充电。输出电流为1A,适于为各种型号的智能手机、数码相机、MP4等充电。一般对于电源充电器比较了解的用户都知道,一般我们使用的充电器输出电流在700-800mA之间,而这会延长充电的时间。这款羽博YB-632采用的1A电流可以快速将一块电池充满,节省,不过过快速的充电可能会对电池产生一定的影响,但是鉴于这仅仅是一块外置充电器,相信大家用它 只是作为临时救急之用,因此这点影响可以忽略。




羽博YB-632移动电源配备了一枚8400mAh的超大容量充电锂聚合物电池,充放电循环次数≥500次。输入、输出电压为5V,符合USB电压标准。电源的最大充电电流为1000 mA,可用电脑USB端口和大多数USB充电器为其充电。

羽博YB-632移动电源移动电源为自身充电也非常方便,只要使用自身提供的电源线和micro USB接口即可,而供电电源可以是电脑的USB接口,也可以是其他兼容的USB充电器,这种充电器非常普遍,就连苹果的产品都使用这种充电器。可以非常方便找到充电的电源。








- Model: Power Bank YB-632

- Capacity: 8400mAh

- Weight: 200g

- Input: DC 5V-1000mA

- Output: 2 Outputs: Port1: 5V—1000mA (max) Port2: 5V—1000mA (max)

- Dimension: 105 x 62.5 x 23mm

- Power Status: Blue LED

- Material: Non-flammable ABS housing, Non-flammable PCB- Torch: White LED


7 types of connectors:

- DC3.5 switch cable

- Apple Connector

- Nokia DC2.0 Connector

- Micro USB Connector

- PSP connector

- Mini USB connector

- LG connector

Manufacture In PRC
Certificate CF, FCC RoHS Complaint
Warranty 6 Months (one to one exchange warranty) Terms & Conditions Apply - If you purchase through our company only
Color White
Accessories 2x Adapters, DC3.5 Switch Cable, MINI USB Switch Cable, Connector: Apple, Nokia DC2.0, Mini USB, Micro USB, Sony PSP
Product Weight (KG) 0.6
Packing Size 12.5cm(L) x 4.4cm(W) x 20cm(H/D)

Q: What is the diffrent of Yoobao YB-642 and YB-632?

A: Both may have the same design, but Yoobao YB-642 have higher capacity (11200mAh) while YB-632 have (8800mAh). Yoobao YB-642 also look bigger from the outside.

Q: I am a normal Smart Phone user, which model of Yoobao Power Bank should I get?

A: As normal Smart Phone user, YB-632 (8800mAh) or YB-631 (6600mAh) should be suitable for you. If you are heavy user or you have a tablet, you might wan to consider the highest capacity Yoobao YB-642 which offers (11200mAh) battery capacity with DC 5.2V 2000mA output socket to charge table.

Q: What does Blue LED indicates meaning?

A: The blue LED indicates your power bank charging percentage. If it one bar dropped it means the power bank uses 20 % (of one bar). Once the bar is finished, you may need to recharge.

Q: If I want to charge my phone, which output shall I plug, 1A or 2A?

A: Good question, first thing first for the various phones/smartphone must plug in 1A & Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab must plug in 2A. This is to preserve the output charging surface without damaging your devices by plugging the wrong input.

Q: How do I use this power bank for the first time?

A: These apply theory of plug & play. When you plug your mobile phone to the Yoobao Power Bank, it will do all the work by charging.

Q: How long Yoobao Power Bank charge an iPhone?

A: Depend on the various phones charging status. Different handset comes with different capacity battery life. Yoobao Power bank might be slower than wall charger.

Q: How long should I charge the Yoobao Power Bank for the first time?

A: First time usage must charge the Yoobao Power Bank for 15 hours or so.

Q: How does LED light work?

A: Hold the main button for 4-5 seconds until the LED light is on & vise versa for off.

Q: Can it be charge on Samsung Galaxy Tab & does the Yoobao Power Bank provide the cable?

A: As it is stated it can charge various types of Smartphone / Hand phone, IPAD & Galaxy Tab. Unfortunately we do not provide the cable for galaxy tab as Yoobao never did. But if you wish to purchase, we have it on sale.

Q: Does Yoobao Power Bank can be claimed warranty & how long the warranty period?

A: Warranty comes for 6 months, those who purchase from us. You can send back your faulty unit to us.

Q: Heard there is a set of counterfeit products for Yoobao Power Bank, how do I make sure or know it?

A: You can browse our website for the Yoobao products how to make sure which ORIGINAL & COUNTERFEIT. We have images for you to view to ensure which is fake or original. To ensure the originality, please check the unopened box & look for silver color sticker on top left hand side for serial number.

Q: Does Yoobao Power Bank heavy to carry?

A: Not at all, you can carry this portable power bank anywhere without consider the weighty.

Q: How many types of Yoobao Power Bank?

A: Yoobao Power Bank has various type of capacity of mAh. But we are selling 11200mAh, 10400 mAh, 8400mAh & 6600mAh. For longer lasting capacity, you may choose 11200mAh for your choice.

Q: Why some seller sell cheaper?

A: One of the reason is that some of the seller maybe selling pirated or in short fake Yoobao power bank. We are a registered company which you can come back to us for long term (if you purchase through our company together with an invoice we provide).

Personal seller might sell cheaper but they might run off anytime leave ur problem unsolved.

Q: How does LED light work?

A: Hold the main button for 3 - 4 seconds until the LED light is on & vise versa for off.

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