Wedding Planning 101: Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

Wedding Planning 101: Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

Hiring a wedding & event planner can alleviate all the pressure that comes with wedding planning. However, it comes with a huge price. Are you on a tight budget? Well, I’m sure you are thinking of planning and organizing your own wedding. If you are good in managing a budget and negotiating important contracts, surely, you will also enjoy this meticulous process.

Here are some helpful techniques that can help you set up your own amazing wedding celebration.

Follow a strict budget.

If you really want to organize your own wedding, one of the first things you should do is to set up a budget. As you continue to finalize all the other details, make sure to work around the limits of your budget. Make every dollar count! It is also highly recommended to look for discounts and package deals.

Negotiate well.

Do you want to hire this particular vendor, yet you can’t afford her price range? Well, if her price range is out of your range, why don’t you try to negotiate? Check their services list, and see how you can skim down a bit. For instance, the package of a photographer is often less expensive without photo albums. For now, you can prioritize beautiful images, and just make an album afterwards.

Visit the venue personally before making any commitment.

Have you decided on the number of your guests, and chosen a specific venue? Before making any commitment, make sure to visit the location personally first. Find out the square footage of the place, so you can ensure that the size will be perfect for your guest list. You may want to settle for a spacious one for the comfort of your attendees.

Read the contract.

Don’t just sign papers without reading its content. After agreeing with a particular vendor, make sure to read every word in the contract before putting your signature. You wouldn’t want to be charged with additional service charges, coat checks or labor fees. This will negatively impact your budget.

Should you allow a plus one for each of your attendees?

Plus ones are factors that can make massive changes in your budget. Sure, you may allow plus ones to some guests who are in a serious relationship, or are married. However, for others, it’s important to set some limitations.

Research first prior to hiring an officiant.

If there is no family member or close friend available to officiate the wedding ceremony, you need to research first before hiring someone to do the job. You wouldn’t want to end up with a person who has no experience regarding these things. The best thing to do is ask for referrals from other couples.

Make everything personal.

Make the wedding fun and memorable not just for you and your groom, but also for your guests. Months before the wedding, ask them what meals and songs they want. Always ask for suggestions. Surely, you will get new and exciting insights that can make the event even more significant.