Top 8 Web Design Trends 2018

Top 8 Web Design Trends 2018

Website design is growing slowly, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch out for the recent developments. These changes might be minor, but it can really help drive more traffic to your website. Here are some top trends in web design in 2018:

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

As search engine algorithms change to favor more mobile phone users, you too must put this in mind. You also have to make it a point that your website is viewable either on a mobile device or on a desktop computer.

That is why a push for the implementation of the responsive design is needed. This design implementation is basically so that all of the elements on your website can be viewed optimally no matter what device a person is using.

And, since SEO favors a website more if it is also conducive for mobile use, then you really should make this a top priority. You can hire someone to deal with the mobile web development.

AI Chatbots

You see it on most business websites; you know, those little chat windows that ask you if you need any help on something.

Those chatbots are actually created by some AI and are quite useful as it helps with your conversions. Utilizing a chatbot will help answer most user queries without you having to worry about hiring employees to do the same job.

Creative Illustrations

In the past few years, designers are pushing their creativity and they’re putting them on certain websites with amazing results.

More and more people can feel the vibe visiting websites with creative illustrations, so be sure to have them put on strategic places on your site.

Social Proof Can Help a Lot

Most businesses nowadays leverage social media sites to their advantage. Whenever someone purchases a product using their site, they can ask those customers to leave a testimonial about their overall experience. They can also let them use their social media accounts so their names will be reflected on the comment as well.

Social proofs can help because it lets other potential customers know that you are a credible source of certain products. So, use this to your advantage.

Minimize Clutter by Using Hamburger Menus

Some websites are still using those ugly horizontal bars and that look is just so outdated. Instead, you can utilize hamburger menus to minimize clutter.

These said menus are small icons that take only a tiny amount of space and when users hover, click, or tap on it, they will be presented with numerous options that they can choose. Whether they’re going to your other pages or they want to know more about your company, a hamburger menu can conceal all of that clutter nicely.

Use Shadows or Tactile Design

Old websites are using the flat design. It has its uses and it has served us well over the years. But, that is now going to change with the push for more tactile design.

This design language basically makes use of shadows to add more depth to icons and other elements on your web page.

Different Fonts for Different Tastes

Another creative way you can add personality to your website is by using different fonts. Gone are the days where you have to use only one design.

In fact, creative use of different fonts can already act as a background of sorts, so utilizing such a strategy can really put forth the personality of your web page.

Put Data on Some Pages

People want to know facts and putting some data on some of your web pages is key to help you gain more customers.

Putting a pie chart on your homepage, for example, will let them know that a certain statistic was made in the past how many years or so. It’s intriguing and it helps your visitors convert to customers.