The Components of an Effective eCommerce Strategy

The Components of an Effective eCommerce Strategy

1.Integrated Shipping

eCommerce business owners would want their shopping cart features to integrate with primary shipping providers like FedEx, UPS and USPS. Without prompt delivery, they won’t be able to satisfy and impress their customers.

2.Product Feed Support

Are you looking for ecommerce web development services in Malaysia? You better work with professionals who can help you make the most out of your shopping cart solutions. It needs to have a product feed feature that allows you to create a feed that you can upload to shopping cart comparison platforms.

3.Gift Certificate and Wishlist Features

Wish lists and gift certificates are two ecommerce features that play primary roles in holiday sales conversions. More and more people are shopping using another person’s wish list. Use this feature well. Never consider ecommerce solutions that fails to boast robust online gift certificates and wish list features.

4.Search Engine Friendliness

Shopping cart solutions must be able to provide online business owners with full control over their meta descriptions, keywords and title tags. That way, you can optimize at will for Google and other search engines.

5.Cross-selling and Upselling Features

Upselling means offering people an item that is of much greater value compared the product that they are currently considering. Cross-selling, on the other hand, equates to selling products which are complementary to the ones they are buying. There are lots of shopping cart technologies that offer lots of automated features that can accomplish these digital marketing techniques.

6.Flexible Pricing Management

People love ecommerce platforms that provide flexible pricing features. Thus, online business owners must set up many pricing choices in order to accommodate things such as promotional pricing and wholesale pricing.