Slot Player’s Guide in Tipping

Slot Player’s Guide in Tipping

Most land-based and online casino workers are getting the rest of their salaries from tips. For those working in the service industry this is the way it is. Some table game players will tip the dealers by making a bet for them while they are playing. Some will clearly tip their dealer on leaving the game. But what about the teams at slot? Can you want them to tip? Which and to whom?

When Do Players Tip Slot?

Casino players usually tip when the attendant has to come and check the jackpot when they collect a hand pay jackpot, and then come back and count the money out. If it’s a $1,200 jackpot the attendant will have the tax forms you’ll need to fill out before you’re paid. During a hand fee, there are usually two or three individuals attending. This is to ensure the correct amount of money is given to the right person for safety reasons. This often leads to some uncertainty about which one to tip on.

How to Tip Attendants

You need not tip each individually. You can give a bigger bill to one person, and tell them to divide it. In general, give the tip to the individual who actually paid me the money. After a jackpot there is no set amount to tip following. Most players are going to tip the jackpot somewhere from half to one per cent. That would be between $5 and $10 dollars for a thousand-dollar jackpot. They never bring you bills smaller than a twenty when you receive a jackpot paid by hand.

Do they just hope you’ll hand them back a twenty dollar bill in the thrill of the moment, regardless of the size of the jackpot? Be sure to carry a few five-and ten-dollar bills to deal with this situation.

Tipping is a personal choice and anybody’s decision to tip should be based on the service you receive. Another measure that you can use for a hand pay jackpot before tipping is the amount of time it took to get paid. You may be likely to tip a little more when the service is prompt. But, if you wait a long time, you can tip less. Take into account how busy the casino is at jackpot time. If it’s a busy Saturday night, you have to allow the fact that you might have others ahead of you.

All players will tip it the one person cocktail waiter. Most casinos sell their players free drinks. But in some casinos, the waiter or waitress won’t get those drinks free. Because their tips are part of their salary, some casinos require the waitress or waiter to pay a tax on each drink they order on the casino floor to be taken. If you order and leave a drink before it is delivered or don’t tip the server you just cost them money. Many players are not aware of this so please take care of the person serving you the next time you order a free drink.