Shimono Multifunctional Food Processor SKP-1009

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Quick Overview

The perfect food processor for performing a variety of food preparation tasks including chopping, mixing, blending, whipping, grinding and more, the Shimono Multifunctional Food Processor is a full food preparation unit to offer you years of reliable use.

Shimono Multifunctional Food Processor SKP-1009

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Shimono Multifunctional Food Processor


With the Shimono, you can peel, chop, mix, blend, whip, grind and more – all in seconds! Plus, the Shimono cups are microwave safe, which means you can actually cook in them. Afterward, simply pop on one of the stay-fresh re-sealable lids to store leftovers so they stay fresh and flavorful for days.

Just think…no knives, cutting board or pots and pans to clean; no plastic wrap, foil or plastic storage containers to mess with.

The Shimono does it all. And because your Shimono cups, Party mugs, lids and blades go right in the dishwasher, cleanup is a breeze. So you save even more time.

Usage of Blade:

Wet usage (Blend Juice): Cross blade
Dry usage (Blend Powder): Flat blade
Blend soft meat: S blade


• Issued by: SG_ITSSG (Intertek Testing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd)

Certificate Number: SG ITS-3077 

Model/Type reference: SKP-1009, SKP-3150 

Rating and principal characteristic: AC 220-240V, 200W, 50Hz, Class II, IPX0  

Standard(s) used: 60335-1(ed.4);am1;am2; 60335-2-14(ed.5) 


how to buy at aysia

• Most Popular user friendly machine

• Impose only a minimum price becomes your good helper for life

• Size of Coffee Mug (machine) that suitable for traveling & little storage space

• Quality cups with Microwave Safe • Dishwasher safe and Rinse easily

• Powerful motor spin which can blend food less than 10 seconds

• Anti-rust cutters • Government Recognized with Approval & warranty

• With spare parts maintenance & repair within Malaysia

Manufacture In China
Certificate CE, CB
Warranty 2
Color Silver
Accessories 1. Platinum Jar 2. Ellies Jar 3. Small Cup 4. Big Cup 5. Hanger Cup 6. "S" Blade 7. Cross Blade 8. Flat Blade 9. Steamer Tops 10. Shaker Tops 11. Stay Fresh Re-sealable Lids
Product Weight (KG) 3.72
Packing Size (L) 35cm X (W) 28.7cm X (D) 28.4cm

Q: What Is a Food Processor?

 A: A food processor is a tool designed to make repetitive kitchen activities go very quickly. Chopping, mincing, grinding, pureeing, slicing and shredding are all repetitive chores that are made much easier with a food processor, especially when done in quantity. While there is some non-electric food processors on the market (mandolines), most of us think of an electric appliance that has interchangeable blades housed in a work bowl generally made of clear plastic.


Q: Do I Really Need a Food Processor?

A: Even less expensive food processors of good quality can set you back a bit, so before buying, ask yourself these questions.

Do you do a lot of chopping, mincing, slicing and/or shredding?

Do you make a lot of homemade dips and salsas?

Would you use a food processor at least once a month?

Do you have enough storage room in your kitchen/on your counter? (You’ll need 1 to 1 ½ cubic feet of space)

Do you have a dish washer? (Food processors have lots of pieces that need cleaning. All I’ve seen are dishwasher safe, and it’s safer to clean the sharp blade in a dishwasher than by hand).

If you answered “yes” to at least three of these five questions, you probably need (and probably more importantly, would use on a regular basis) a food processor.


Q: What Should I Look for in a Food Processor?

A: Since all food processors basically do the same tasks, you will want to find a powerful food processor that can process food quickly and consistently.

A heavy chassis will keep the food processor from “walking” during heavy-duty processing tasks.

A large capacity—at least 9 cups. Keep in mind, if you are processing liquid ingredients, the effective bowl capacity is just about cut in half.

A wide feed tube. A wider tube lets you push larger pieces of food through.

Safety features. You want to make sure that the bowl locks onto the base and that the top locks onto the bowl and that the processor will not start unless the unit is locked together securely.

Simple controls. Many models offer a wide array of speeds, but since processing takes place very quickly, you really only need On/Off/Pulse.


Q:  Do food processors typically come with a variety of blades, or do I have to purchase the blades separately?

A: You don’t have to purchase separately, it comes together with the food processor. Food processors are available in a few different sizes and come with a variety of attachments. The most common attachments are a very sharp metal blade used for chopping and pureeing; metal slicing disks; metal shredding disks; and a plastic dough blade used for mixing


Q:  Is a food processor difficult to operate? 

A: No, food processors are actually easy-to-use appliances.


Q: Are food processors easy to clean?

A: Yes, food processors are easy to clean, if you follow these tips. To clean the metal blade or metal disks, it is best to wash them carefully by hand. A few trips through the dishwasher can dull their sharp cutting edges. For easy cleanup of sticky foods, such as cheese, spray the blade or shredding disk with nonstick cooking spray before using.  Please refer to manual guidance.


Q: Is there any quality assured company to be referred?

A: yes, please check the side box of the products.


Q: Other than food processor, is it possible for me to make juice by using these products?

A: yes, Shimono Multifunctional Food Processor is not only just for food only, as well for juice.

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