Must-Have Feature on the site of E-Commerce

Must-Have Feature on the site of E-Commerce

Every single website is unique in their own way. There are many trends that have been practiced on the e-commerce web design, such as:

  • Animation design
  • 360-degree of product previews
  • Advancement in filtering
  • Dynamic product search

However, such variety of trends on the professional ecommerce website do not guarantee in increment of market sale rate and improvement on the user’s experience. This is because on every e-commerce website there are specific feature that reflect the element of relevancy and competitiveness.

Here are the list on must-feature on e-commerce site:

  1. Simplicity

In terms of the usage of e-commerce site, simplicity should be the key in having a good design and it do not have to be too complex up to a point whereby it leads to the difficulties to its user. Besides, according to a study that had been made 76% of consumer believed that the most important feature for website, specifically in e-commerce site is simplicity.

Moreover, the purpose of developing the e-commerce site is to ease the customer’s purchasing process of without having to experience unnecessary complex element that have slowing down that pathway of purchasing. In speeding up the purchasing process, the element that could be added is the categories for shopping, filters and the ability in making comparison.

E-commerce website should be competitively advantages rather than complex and difficult experience specifically for its users.

  1. High Resolution Visual

Visual element in terms of images and videos is the element that will be easing the process on purchasing and decision-making. With high resolution of visual on e-commerce site, it allows the customers to view the product from multiple angle and in getting better view (zoom in and zoom out).

Besides, the e-commerce website should be displaying multiple photos per product and the photos should be high resolution for better view and should be optimized to avoid from the website taking a lot of time to load.

  1. Website that is mobile-friendly

The major reason is because out of three online purchase, one is made up completely using smartphone in showing high number of purchases on e-commerce that were made through smartphone. In allowing better user-friendly experience, the e-commerce website should be accessible to the smartphone user.

  1. User-generated review

92% of consumers agree that the star rating would the number one feature in influencing their decision in purchasing the product on the e-commerce site. There would be high possibility in having bad review on the product, but that what makes the website to be more trustable rather than only having positive review and it make the website’s review seems to be fake. In generating the user’s review, the e-commerce site could be linked with other platform such as Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp.

  1. Special offers

Most of e-commerce site are taking the opportunity in gaining their user’s interest by using special offer feature on the website. When the users realizes that they are getting special offers, it motivates them to purchase more product and spending more time on the website.

By having these must-have feature on the e-commerce site, it could increase the number of users in increasing the purchasing process that being done on the website and by that, the digital market sales could be improved.