How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Improve The Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Improve The Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or also known as Machine Intelligence (MI) is an intelligence that is being applied on machine. Basically, the concept of AI is the machine imitate the “cognitive” functions from the human traits specifically on the human mind on the process of “learning” and “problem solving”.

The impact of AI of Digital Marketing is completely huge as it support the marketing itself in high number of aspects, changing the way professional ecommerce website function.

Here are some of how AI support the marketing in improving the digital marketing:

  1. Sales support personalization

According to the survey that had been done, 37% of the consumer prefer in purchasing any of the products through social media. By using the AI in personalization on sales support, it can recommend any product by using the previous data interaction and simple search. In other word, the chatbots by using the implementation on AI is a dynamic concept of 24/7 customer service in encouraging the peoples to purchase more on the products.


The possible innovation that could be done from this technology:


  • Quick self-service

Rather than the customers are having difficulties in making quick decision, by having a quick self-service towards conversational style of interfaces such as pages on FAQ, community answer, the customer will have the ability in shortening their shopping time by reducing and simplifying their decision. Besides, through the implementation on conversational interfaces is can accelerate the process when the customers will be experiencing more casual purchasing process with the additional of emojis and slang terms.

  • Customer effort is being reduced

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that is use measuring the effort of customer in solving any issue is The Customer Effort Score (CES). CES is highlighting on reducing the customers’ effort. AI easing the business by the concept of automated resolution process in solving any issue that occurred. For example, through the chatbots with the implementation of AI, the interaction between customers can be improved and issue that occur can be reduced with the automated answer. By that, it can improve the customers’ loyalty.


  1. Customization on users’ experience and placement of ad

By having proper ad placement, it can increase the number of customers and at the same time better approach on their potential customer.



  • Increase the relevancy of ad

In increasing the relevancy of ad, with the support of AI it can personalize the placement of ad on a specific customer by using proper profile, preference and history. For example, the placement of ad could be altered or reduce after the AI detected that the customer is avoiding high number of online advertisements. That’s how the relevancy of ad can be improved in improving the digital marketing.

  • Improvement on on-site experience

The user engagement with the website could be improved by managing the targeted ad and user precisely. In doing that, the website could manage on the ads that appear on the website when it is believed to not having valuable meaning on the user.


  1. Offline Marketing

The real time on offline marketing could become a reality in the digital marketing world.




  • Optimization contents on non-business days

Nowadays, the SEO and the digital marketing teams need to monitor the web searches when the traffic is the highest, and that time would be on non-business day. It also means that the SEO and the digital marketing teams need to be working during non-business day as well and it is major disadvantage for them. With the implementation of AI in monitoring the traffic on the web or optimization on the contents, the working process could be done when the marketers are at any locations during the days.



The implementation of AI will improve the digital marketing industries and at the same time set a major revolution on the industry. Besides, there is also high possibilities with the implementation of AI, the digital company can improve their market sales and increase the number of customers on the website.