Hiring a Web Designer: 5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask

Hiring a Web Designer: 5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask

1. “What type of website design files will I get?”

Your web designer must be able to give you mockups in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format. It’s also important that you get an edible version of your website logo in PDF, EPS, AI or PSD.

2. “Is the website designer available in case I need some changes or revisions? What are the costs?”

Hiring a web designer means hiring an individual for a project as defined in the contract. They are not obligated to give a lifetime of free services. Plan for the future. What if you need a redesign, or some new layouts along the road? Just keep in mind that rates change over time, so it’s crucial to inquire about the costs.

3. “Does the style of the designer match the way I would like my website to look?”

Are you looking for quality web design services in Malaysia? Don’t just hire someone just because they are reputable and with a good track record. You need to work with someone who can get the style that you want, and help you achieve your business goals. Look at their portfolios, and check their aesthetics.

4. “Who will develop my pages once I have the web design? Is this included in the overall costs?”

Several web designers collaborate with a developer so that people pay a single price for both development and design services. This is fine, but you need to be aware of the costs early on in the web design process.

5. “What type of maintenance will my website require? Do I need to hire a professional, or can I do that myself?”

A website is not a one-man job, and can’t be accomplished a one-time cost. Remember, you can’t make millions of dollars online without ongoing expenses. In order to keep your web pages up to date, you need to spend on software and plugins. Don’t forget to ask your potential designers about website maintenance services.