Guide to Beginners Roulette

Guide to Beginners Roulette

A Beginners Guide to Roulette Rules and Bet Types

Do you want to learn how to play Roulette as one of the most exciting togel singapore or casino games that you can bet on? I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve wondered how to play the game. The wheel certainly looks intimidating, but it is actually easy to understand.

The game’s objective? You, as the player, needs to choose the exact digit where the ball will land on the wheel. It is also possible to bet different number combinations, pick colors or guess whether that digit will be even or odd.

The Roulette Dealer

Dealers are needed to keep the wheel moving every time, even in between spins. They are responsible for spinning the ball even in the other direction. This is the reason why the ball spins and jumps prior to landing on a specific number.

The dealer notes the winning number with a pen. Make sure to wait until the marker is removed before creating new bets!

The 2 Different Kinds of Roulette Wheels

1. European Wheel

  • 37 slots, from 0 to 36
  • 2.63 house edge

2. American wheel

  • 38 slots, from 0 to 36, and 00
  • Extra slot purpose: house edge increase to 5.26

The Roulette Layout

The individual numbers are in the betting area layout. The outer part of the betting area includes boxes for all the columns, number groups, odd and even, and red and black divisions.

Inside, the numbers are arranged meticulously in 12 rows, with 3 numbers creating 3 vertical columns. At the top of all the columns are the 00 and 0 slots.

Purchasing Roulette Chips

To prevent disputes, every player gets a unique color chip. All of these chips are okay only for that specific table. Make sure to cash them for regular chips once the game is done. Remember that you are not allowed to cash roulette chips in the cage.

Every roulette table allows a maximum and minimum bet. Make sure not to combine outside and inside bets to be able to meet the minimum in that table.

Roulette Inside Bets

A player can make a lot of inside bets. You can straddle lines between all numbers to choose combinations, or just bet a specific number right away. These are the payouts:

1. StraightUp Bet – wager on one number; pays 35-1

2. Double Street Bet – wager on 6 numbers; pays 5-1

  • You need to place your chip on that particular line separating the inside and outside parts

3. Quad Bet or Corner bet – pays 8 to 1

  • Place a chip, so it can touch the 4 corners of the specific numbers you are betting

4. Split Bet – wager on 2 numbers; pays 17-1

  • Make sure your chip straddles the division between 2 numbers

5. Line Bet or Street Bet – pays 11-1

  • You need to place your chip at the line dividing the inside and outside betting areas; your chip will straddle the first specific number in the row.

6. Basket Bet – a bet on 0 and 00, pays 6-1

  • 00 wheel – house edge is 7.89%
  • Worst bet in the Roulette game

Outside Bets

These are the bets in the boxes around all the numbers.

1. Column Bet – synonymous with 12 number bets, located in 1 of the 3 vertical columns

  • The wager should be inside the boxes at the bottom part
  • Pays 2-1

2. Red Black Odd and Even – even-money bet

  • Place the chips inside the boxes in the layout

3. Dozens Bet – created on the 12 consecutive numbers

  • Place the wager inside boxes marked 25-36 or 1-12, 13-24
  • Pays 2-1
  • In case the 0 or 00 comes up, you lose

Roulette Playing Tips

You don’t need to worry if the specific number you need is already full of chips. It is allowable to put your own chips above the other ones. This is the reason why you your own distinct colored chips.

You can place your bets until you hear the dealer say it’s no longer permitted.