Farewell, Junk Eats: 5 Best healthy food deliveries in Kuala Lumpur

Farewell, Junk Eats: 5 Best healthy food deliveries in Kuala Lumpur

The Naked Lunch Box

The Naked Lunch Box conveys sound reasonable dinners to you in genuine lunch boxes. They
switch up their menus consistently and their choice of dishes is very broad!
They have choices for individuals, membership suppers (multi-day eat clean lunch and multi-
day wellness feast plans) and gathering orders for 10 or more, and furthermore sound tidbits
and cold-squeezed drinks! They convey from Mondays to Fridays (conveyance charges

Dah Makan

Dahmakan is one of the most prominent sound nourishment conveyances in Malaysia. With
new dishes offered each day for lunch and supper, they seek to make smart dieting ludicrously basic.
Dinners are made crisp and conveyed every day so you don’t need to stress over what to eat on
ends of the week! These liberal lunchboxes are set up with the freshest fixings, with no MSG and additives.
It’s nothing unexpected that many have just come to know about the brand since they serve
solid heavenly alternatives – with no conveyance charge and least spending!

The Healthy Food People

The Healthy Food People creates sound gourmet lunch boxes and altered corporate requests
uncommonly for you and your companions like KL girl service! They switch up their menus day
by day and have that one extraordinary dish that keeps going all week on their menu.
If that wasn’t already enough, they have cold-squeezed squeezes and breakfast parfaits also! In
the event that you request here as often as possible enough and love the nourishment, you’ll
be happy to realize that you would now be able to dine-in at their absolute first lead bistro at KLCC!

Chopstick Diner

The chopstick diner conveys a newly arranged, a solid serving of mixed greens-based lunch
boxes. Their menu ranges from plates of mixed greens and spring rolls (enveloped by rice
paper) to rice and noodles. Or then again you can get their half-half which comprise of both
plates of mixed greens and spring rolls! It’s additionally moderately estimated at RM15.
They convey from Monday to Friday for lunch arranges as they were. Requests must be made a
day prior to conveyance most recent by 10 PM, with free conveyance for orders above RM50.

Sound Ever After

Sound Ever After is a healthy eating plan conveyance administration, utilizing just crisp and
common fixings (no meat, dairy, gluten, awful oils, handled nourishment). They accept non-
prepared, characteristic and new, supplement thick super nourishments as a component of
your ordinary dinners will help the body normally wash down itself of the poisons inside, recuperate and restore.
They cook feast plans for 1, 3, or 5 days, serving you breakfast, lunch and supper running from
Tuesday to Saturday. You can likewise shop their wide scope of faultless sweets and beverages
like hot cocoa and chia coconut porridge on the site.