eCommerce Website Sales and Promotion Ideas

eCommerce Website Sales and Promotion Ideas

1.Quantity eCommerce

Discounts One of the best ways to improve your sales is to offer discounts depending on the quantity purchased of a particular product. Feel free to structure these discounts in various ways, including a sliding scale, flat rate and fixed percentage.

2.Free Shipping

An online store’s shipping routine may be a bit complex at first, but with the help of a reliable ecommerce website builder, you can surely manage it smoothly. All of your customers would love to avail of this free shipping option, so make sure to simplify the entire sales process.

3.Percentage Based Discounts

Remember that every customer loves to buy things which are on sale. Therefore, you must format your product pages well. This can increase sales and conversions. Percentage-based online store discounts have become ubiquitous on many eCommerce websites, but they are still effective. Experiment around various percentages depending on profit margins in order to find the best percentage for you.

4.Set product giveaways.

Since all customers love free stuff, setup free product giveaways for them once in a while to improve average order value. Give them a free product if a certain amount is spent. This would give them the impression that you are delivering a much better value for them. Product giveaways are a great thing to lure customers with.

5.Offer reward points.

Offering people reward points for every dollar spent is a brilliant way to encourage repeat, loyal customers. These can be expressed in dollar value or points, depending on what makes sense for your target customers.