Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Position Zero Your Main SEO Goal

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Position Zero Your Main SEO Goal

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Position Zero Your Main SEO Goal

Every one of us implements SEO in the hopes of getting a higher ranking when someone uses a search engine to find our websites. However, things have shaken up the landscape with the introduction of what is known as Position Zero.

Position Zero is essentially that featured snippet that is placed prominently on the top of the search engine results page. With its introduction, many website SEO services and businesses alike are actually vying for that spot.

However, even though it may seem to be a good idea to keep vying for that spot, it is actually futile if you think that you can do so. Here are some compelling reasons why you should stop making it as your main SEO goal:

  • It is Nearly Impossible to Attain

Although there is always a chance for your content to be featured in Position Zero, your actual chances of getting featured are slim to none. I am not going to be a sceptic here, but I am a realist, and actually thinking that you can get to that spot is naïve.

It is nearly impossible to attain that spot because Google has a set of different criteria when it comes to featured snippets. For instance, they like their snippets to be either step-by-step instructions to certain things, best-of-lists, just to name a few.

Creating a content just for that reason alone will not provide a good user experience and we all know that user experience is an actually better criterion when it comes to SEO performance.

  • Fewer Clicks

Because featured snippets are ones that contain information that can best answer the user’s query, there will be no need for people to actually click on websites anymore.

They just rely on the featured snippets and they move on. What is the reason why you implement SEO again? Right, you want people to click on your websites by allowing the search engines to rank your website higher than others.

Instead of thinking about the position, it would be best if you just concentrate on your actual content instead.

  • Google’s System is Ever-Changing

Look, SEO is an ever-changing system. Even if your content is a featured snippet today, it might not be a few days after. That is because Google’s System is unpredictable and it is constantly changing.

Centring your content in the hopes of getting featured is just absurd. You want to rank high because you want people to continually go to your site for the best information possible.

And remember, there are a lot of similar websites that provide nearly the same information as you do, so it would be nearly impossible to get featured for a long period of time.


Instead of thinking about getting Position Zero, just use conventional SEO techniques to help your page rank higher in the SERPs. Trust me, you’re better off getting a higher ranking than just relying on something that is arbitrary like a featured snippet.