6 Easy Remodeling and Decorating Tips from Experts

6 Easy Remodeling and Decorating Tips from Experts

Some very high experienced interior designers are not shy of providing free and quality
information for people that want to improve the interiors of their home and office.

In fact, folks from some of the top interior design firms in Malaysia have chimed in to
help you, the casual homeowner, to remodel and decorate your house in the best way

Today, I am going to be providing their inputs in one convenient place so that you do
not have to scour the internet for the same information. So, without further ado, let’s get
on with the article, shall we?

Utilize the Space that You Have

Picture your home without furniture. This is one way of knowing how much total space
you have to work with. Then, designate certain areas for specific purposes. For
example, you have one area for your dining room, another area for the living room, and
another area for meetings and casual gatherings, so on and so forth.

Then, place your furniture as needed but I do not want you to place them in a
symmetrical way. You can actually be quite creating in their placement so long as you
give room for people to traverse the space without any problems.

Determine the Style that You Want

Get some inspiration from your memories and even in the most mundane things in your
life. For instance, I go to my closet to find some inspiration. That’s right, but you just
don’t open your closet and call it a day; notice everything that’s inside it.

Notice a pattern or theme from the clothes that you wear. Look at the closet and how it
is built and constructed. Look at the finer details. This will usually give you some ideas
and inspiration to help you decide on your overall style.

You can also take some inspiration from the places that you’ve visited before. Perhaps,
there’s this one hotel that you really like and you want to incorporate some elements
that you saw from it. That is okay and that is encouraged.

Think About the Things that You Do Not Like

To help you choose the style that you want, you also want to factor in the things that
you dislike as well. Perhaps a big chandelier reminded you of something negative in the
past and including that may not be in your best interest.

Sample Some Paint Before Using Them in Your Home

The color that you choose for your house is very important because it will be part of its
main aesthetics. You can decide which paint color to use by getting a piece of wood
where you can apply some of those paints.

Choose the colors that you might like, paint them on the small piece of wood, and use it
to know if those paints are really good to look at or not.

Mix Things Up

Not everything in your house needs to be expensive. In fact, I advise you not to be too
fixated in spending a lot of money just to beautify your home.

Artworks from unknown designers might be better for your overall budget than to buy
something that is way too expensive and doesn’t even veer away from the more budget

Start from the Floor Then Upward

I would suggest that you start tinkering the aesthetics of your floor then you go up from
there. Think about wall-to-wall carpeting or opting for hardwood floors. Doing this will
help you know what things are needed to be done on your walls and your ceiling.