5 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy

5 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy

Are you excited to buy lots of new baby shoes in Malaysia for your child? Shopping for your little one is one of the best moments of parenting. However, don’t forget to take of yourself. Several changes may happen to your body during pregnancy, and after giving birth. Deal with it well.


Pressure on your urethra during baby delivery can make the urination process difficult during postpartum. New mothers may also struggle with urinary track infection, or incontinence.


Constipation during pregnancy is normal. However, some mothers also experience it even after giving birth. Hemorrhoids or episiotomy can make your bowel movement really painful. The solution? Add plenty of fiber on your diet, and then drink lots of water, juices and milk.

3.Hair loss

Some weeks after the baby is delivered, you may begin losing big amounts of hair. The average individual loses around 100 hairs each day. However, during pregnancy, you lose far less than that because of hormones. After giving birth, your own body need to compensate, and lose some hair for the first 6 months.


Some women who just gave birth developed the so-called mask of pregnancy. The tan-colored part around the eyes would begin to fade. Those who suffered from pregnancy acne will see their skin begin to clear up.

5.Breast changes

It’s possible for your breasts to become sore, swollen, engorged and flushed with milk 1 to 2 days after birth. Once the swelling subsides in about 3 to 4 days, your breasts would probably start to sag. This is the result of stretched skin. For weeks, you can also experience milk leakage.