5 Qualities of a Great Web Hosting Company

5 Qualities of a Great Web Hosting Company

If you are thinking of building your own website and have it launched for the entire
internet community to see, you will need to have a web hosting provider.
Just like any product out there, there are qualities that help you differentiate the top
hosting companies from the mediocre ones.
In this article, I will go over each quality of a great web hosting company so that you will
know exactly what you need to look for when you are finding one for yourself.

Provides Good Bandwidth

Every web hosting provider can give you bandwidth. For the uninitiated, bandwidth is
simply the data that goes in and out of your website. Most companies provide you with
bandwidth limits that are ‘good enough’, but you do not want that. You want to get the
most bang for the buck.
Now, if you are just running a personal blog and you have no regard for the amount of
traffic that your blog is getting, then any bandwidth restriction is okay. However, if you
are running a business website, a provider that gives you scalable bandwidth is better.

Email Features

A great web hosting company is one that provides you with a free email service.
Usually, you’ll have to find one like Mailchimp or MailPoet if you want to have the email
functionality on your website, but a reliable web host can provide that for you as part of
their existing plans.
Moreover, you want a company that helps you integrate your email list to popular
platforms, including social media, Gmail, and many others.

The Ability to Register a Domain

Back in the day, for you to register your own domain name, you’d have to go to a
domain registrar to do just that. That is no longer the case nowadays.
You see, most hosting providers (at least, the more competent ones) already provide
you with the means to register your own domain. All you have to do is sign-up to their
service and you can register your domain name as part of the services that they offer.

Improved Security

Because more and more people are indulging in e-commerce and online trade,
cybersecurity is important now more than ever before. You want to go with a hosting
company that is known for its robust website security protocols.

For instance, they provide you with web application firewalls, SSL certification, frequent
malware scans, brute force attack protection, sandboxing, and many more.
Seriously, never overlook the importance of cybersecurity because if you do, you will
certainly regret it.

Guaranteed Uptime

Last but definitely not the least is guaranteed server uptime. Have you ever stopped to
wonder why websites are accessible via the internet? Well, that is because its files are
usually housed in servers that are connected to the internet. So long as these servers
are running, any websites that are on it can be accessed using a suitable device that
has an internet connection.
It is virtually impossible to get 100% server reliability, simply because servers can fail.
However, a great web hosting company is one that provides you with at least a 95%
assurance of server reliability and uptime.